Termination of membership

Here you can read how to terminate your membership of Frie Skolers Lærerforening. Please call us, if you have any doubts

Of course, we would like you to continue as a member.

If you are unsure whether to terminate your membership, please talk to a consultant who can give you an overview of how Frie Skolers Lærerforening can help in your particular situation.

You can call us at 87 46 91 10 or book a consultation with a consultant at fsl@fsl.dk

  • What is the notice of cancellation?

    Cancellation of your membership can be done with one month's notice to expire one month. That is, if, for example, you sign out on May 17, you have been unsubscribed. 30th of June.

  • Have you become unemployed?

    Remember that the quota drops to DKK 200 if you become vacant. The unions consultants can, among other things, help you review the salaries and terms of employment at another free school before signing the contract.

    You can also get help reviewing the circumstances surrounding your dismissal.

  • Have you gone down in time?

    Remember that the quota follows your employment rate.

    If you work 50 percent or less or are in a flexible job (new scheme), the quota falls to DKK 295 a month.

  • Are you going on maternity leave?

    When you are on maternity benefit, the quota drops to DKK 295. Remember, the union's consultants can help you make a plan for your maternity leave.

    Read more about the rules for maternity leave

  • Is your cancellation due to pension?

    Retired members of the FSL can continue their membership for a quota of DKK 100 a month. You continue to receive the member magazine Free Schools and you can still make use of all membership offers.

    In addition, the retirement committee organizes an annual college with catering, excursions and entertainment at Hornstrup Course Center. As a member you can attend at a favorable price and you can invite your spouse along. Spouses pay the full price.

How to terminate your membership

We need to have your cancellation in writing. Therefore send it to fsl@fsl.dk or as a letter to:

Frie Skolers Lærerforening
Ravnsøvej 6
8240 Risskov 

Please enter your full name, address, membership number and the reason for opting out.

The vast majority of redundancies occur because of a job change to another contract area or pension.

If you are dissatisfied with your experience with FSL, we would like to know why so we can do better.