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As a member of FSL you are guaranteed the best possible help if you encounter difficulties in your working life. 

As a member, you have access to professional consultants who specialise in various areas of the working life of a teacher at an independent school. 

We have the necessary insight and expertise and, in collaboration with you and your union steward, we are the only ones able to enter into agreements with the school.

We also offer to send both politicians and consultants from the organisation to international schools, where we explain your rights as a member and how you and your colleagues will benefit from a membership with FSL. 


It makes me feel secure to be a part of a labour union, and also a sense of having leverage. A boss can't just say that he doesn't like you and then fire you.

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If you have questions, you can call at 87 46 91 10 or write an email, after which you will be contacted by a consultant.

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Being a member of FSL not only gives you leverage, security and other benefits, you join a community based on solidarity.

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