Task overview

The task overview must provide an overview of all the tasks you are expected to perform in the coming school year.

Discussion regarding the task overview

The task overview is prepared by the administration based on discussion with you.

The tasks must be outlined in enough detail that this overview can serve as a basis for assessing the correlation between tasks and working hours. And the discussion must be conducted with a view to supporting a reasonable balance between teaching and preparation time.

The school is obliged to describe the basis for your working hours to provide insight into the school’s priorities regarding the balance between teaching and preparation so that, working together, you can achieve the school’s desired quality of teaching.

There is no upper limit on the number of teaching hours, but when setting the teaching hours, the school must take into account whether you are part-time employed, have an age-related reduction in hours, are in the process of continuing education, or have expanded responsibilities and functions. In addition, general consideration must be given to new employees in the distribution of tasks.

Unless otherwise agreed with the trade union representative, the discussion must be conducted with the individual teacher. There is no requirement that the trade union representative participate in this discussion. Furthermore, the trade union representative is not entitled to see all of the task overviews nor to be involved in changes to the task overviews. However, in the event of disagreement regarding the scope of tasks or changes to tasks, you may involve the trade union representative.

Your dialogue with your boss about the task overview must be conducted before the preparation of the task overview.


Your task overview must include the following

The task overview lists the work tasks that you must perform in the coming school year.  The following information must be included:

  • Planned teaching schedule for the entire school year.
  • Total estimated time for individual preparation.
  • Total estimated time for tasks whose content will be planned later in the year, e.g. theme weeks, examiner tasks, or exams in selected subjects.
  • Approximate time for all tasks which the administration estimates will involve at least 60 hours. This might include student breaks, for example.

There is no requirement that the content of your tasks must be stated in the task overview. The task overview must only describe the time consumption for your work tasks and functions. However, the content of the individual tasks must be stated in the school plan. This applies, for example, to the tasks that are part of being a class teacher.


Changes to the task overview

If you are assigned major new tasks during the school year, or if the administration makes major changes to the content or scope of a task, you and your boss must have a discussion about the overall volume of tasks.

You are entitled to a written notification regarding the consequences of the change.

Changes may include:

  • Elimination, or change in prioritisation of tasks
  • Adjustments to the way in which a task is to be performed
  • Redistribution of tasks to other teachers
  • Changes by which the overall volume of tasks requires overtime if no subsequent changes are made.

If you and your boss disagree regarding the scope of tasks or the consequences of changes, the trade union representative may be brought in to participate in a resolution.

Deadline for issuance of task overview

You must be provided with your task overview no later than five weeks before the start of the school year.

This means that you must receive your task overview for the next school year no later than 27 June.

If you do not receive it on time, this constitutes a breach of the collective agreement and the school may be fined