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(The Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools)

Publiceret den 04. juni 2015

The Teachers’ Union for Danish Independent schools (FSL) organises teachers and Preschool teacher teachers within the free school sector. Currently we are around 10,000 members and we continue to grow.

FSL is the only trade union that negotiates agreements within the independent school sector and FSL is the only trade union that can help you if you experience problems at work.

Most independent schools have a union representative who negotiates local agreements about salary, worktime etc. with the school’s administration. Your union representative can help you if you have any questions or problems at school.

You can together with the other union members at school discuss professional topics in the local FSL club: How can you organise your worktime better? What is the best way to cooperate and communicate with parents?

In the FSL club you can also prepare for negotiations with management. How do you feel the local pay agreement should be distributed and how can you obtain a pay policy that can support the values of the school and management’s requirements and expectations? 

Through the FSL club we as teachers can influence the school. It is here we have an opportunity to talk and discuss with our colleagues while working together to obtain a better workplace.

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International teachers in the executive committee
As an international member of FSL you have a contact in the executive committee. Rikke Friis is responsible for activities regarding international teachers. You can contact at rikke.friis@fsl.dk.


Rikke Friis

Rikke Friis, member of the executive committee and chairman of Kreds 2