To travel with your students is considered work

FSL was ruled in favour of in an important worker’s union circumstance

D 7. marts 2016

af Mikkel Hvid, Kommunikationschef
Advice and guidance

Three boarding school teachers will receive extra work hours for the ski-trip they undertook with their students in 2015.

The principal’s opinion was that the long bus trip to and from Austria together with the teacher’s students is considered transport time and it was therefore not get registered correctly.

FSL handled this case on behalf of the teachers. The union’s opinion is that as a responsible teacher, travelling on a bus full of students, one is not just being transported and enjoying time off but instead is indeed at work.

After a meeting between FSL and Moderniseringsstyrelsen the school involved has accepted that the 3 teachers on the bus-trip were in fact at work.

The Chief of Negotiations, Henrik Lykø Hansen, is pleased with the result:

“The result confirms our belief and opinion, that when you are with your students, you are considered to be at work. This includes travelling on a bus.”