The New Danish Holidays Act: How It Affects Your Working Time

A new Holiday Act will cause fewer holidays and more workinghours i 2020

D 1. april 2019

af Jesper Fjeldsted, Journalist
Advice and guidance

A new Danish Holidays Act will become effective on September 1, 2020, however, a transitional scheme has been created, which will affect your summer holidays in 2020. In 2020, you will only have earned 16.64 holidays and not the 25 holidays that most teachers take in July and August.

The consequences will affect the summer holidays in 2020 on the entire labour market, but particularly teachers and other people who work with an annual norm will be affected.

The transition to the new Danish Holidays Act means that you have to work more hours in the next two school years. The net norm for the next school year is 24.86 hours more than in the current year, and in the school year 2020/21, there will be 37 working hours more than in this year.
Together with the school associations, the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools has created recommendations to how schools can plan the coming school years in a way that takes the new Danish Holidays Act into account. 

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