The collective bargaining has started

The teachers have handed over their requirements to their counterpart in the state sector.

D 2. februar 2021

af Mikkel Hvid, Kommunikationschef
Advice and guidance

On April 1st, the current collective agreement expires – that is, the agreement that regulates most of your salary, employment and working conditions as a teacher at an independent school. The collective bargaining takes place between the employers (i.e., the state sector) and the employees (i.e., the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools which is part of the Teachers’ Central Organization).

The collective bargaining has started and is expected to end around April 1st. If the parties can come to an agreement, a membership ballot will be held among all members. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, they will have to extend the bargaining period. And if they still cannot come to an agreement, the result may be an industrial action – that is, either strike or lockout. This type of action is, however, relatively uncommon in the Danish public sector.

The parties have presented their requirements.

The employers want financially responsible solutions.

The employees demand increases in real wages as well as a number of other improvements.

Below, please find an extract of the requirements put forward by the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools for the negotiations:

  • Improved wages.
  • Work-life improvements.
  • Clarification and improvement of the conditions for employees with flexible jobs (for people with a reduced ability to work).
  • School management must be obligated to support the work of the union representatives.
  • Bankruptcy insurances for teachers who have been temporarily appointed as leaders.
  • An updated internship agreement.
  • Improved statistics of earnings.


When possible, the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools will inform you about the result of the bargaining and about ballots or industrial actions, if any. However, as the collective bargaining is typically confidential, the information we can communicate to you while the bargaining is still ongoing will be limited.

But no news is good news – you can count on that.