Overtime become more valuable

A decision med by The ‘faglig voldgift’ influences all overtime paid out after the 1st of August 2014

D 7. marts 2016

In the middle of February, The ‘faglig voldgift’ aknowledged the claim of FSL that all permanent salary sections form part of the hourly rate, when overtime needs to be calculated. Overtime, therefore, gives one a supplement of 50% of your basic salary plus your usual local salary supplement, teaching supplement and boarding school supplement. Pension, however, is not calculated in the amount.

The decision influences all overtime paid out after the 1st of August 2014. If your principal doesn’t take the initiative to renumerate your overtime from last school year, you -or your trade rep- should ask for a new salary statement.

If there is any uncertainty with regards to this please contact one of FSL’s consultants. They will help you.

Boarding school teachers can’t save hours off
A decision by the ‘faglige voldgift’ in February ascertained that FSL didn’t manage to secure that boarding school teachers are included by ‘frihedsopsparing’.

37 hours of work after 17:00 and on the weekends doesn’t allow for three hours free time on top of ‘ulempegodtgørelsen’.

In its decision ‘voldgiften’ highlights that boarding school supplements of 1999 is deemed to encompass compensation for both ‘natpenge’ as well as ‘frihedsopsparing’, which would have given boarding school teachers double compensation.