Let Us Take a Closer Look at Your Statement of Working Time

A new campaign helps you understand and get an overview of your working time

D 27. august 2018

af Jesper Fjeldsted, Journalist
Advice and guidance

At the beginning of the new school year, the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools introduced a campaign about working time and the statement of working time. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that you get an accurate statement of your working time in the school year of 2017/2018.

According to the rules, you should get a statement of your working time at the end of a school year. The statement must be easy to understand, and all your working time must be stated so that you can see, among other things, whether or not you have worked overtime and whether or not an extra teaching supplement is due. In addition, the statement must show YOUR total performed working time – that is, neither your collages’ working time nor a calculated average. 

A study from the school year of 2016/2017 showed that approximately one third of the teachers and the leaders of the preschool classes at the independent schools never received their statement of working time. And 40 percent of the ones who received it did not think that it was accurate.

We Connect the Statement with the Task List
With the campaign, we help you to find out if your statement of working time is accurate, or if you are entitled to request a more accurate statement.

In a new initiative, we also focus on the connection between the statement of working time and the task list. We compare the statement of your working time with your task list, and we may also take a look at your task list for the new school year.

The campaign is both local and central. At schools with a union representative, we have encouraged the union representatives to hold meetings at which the members can discuss their statements of working time. If members have issues with the statements, the union representatives are encouraged to send the statements to the union's main office.

If you are a member and you are employed at a school without a union representative, you can send your statement for a review to the union's main office yourself. If you have not received a statement of your working time, we also recommend that you contact the union's main office.


Check Your E-mail
All employed members of the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools have received an e-mail with information about the campaign.

In addition, the union representatives have been encouraged to hold club meetings about the statement of working time, and the union has created material for the meetings that matches the different ways the schools plan the working time. 

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