How is your work planned? By the book?

You can organise a member meeting at your school if you want to learn more about the rules about working hours

D 1. april 2019

af Mikkel Hvid, Kommunikationschef

The independent schools are independent, but there are still rules that must be followed. Rules that protect you and your work. Rules that make sure that you can work as a teacher for many years.

A central set of rules is the rules about working hours. The schools must follow these rules. But do they?

At the moment, the general council of the Teachers' Union for Danish Independent Schools is focusing on the rules about working hours at all the independent schools, and especially at the international schools and departments.

And to make sure that also the international schools follow the rules, we hope that you and the other members at the school will invite us to a meeting at which we can tell you about the rules, and find out if your work has been planned by the book. Did you receive a statement of working time? Do you get paid for all the hours you work? What is on your task list, and can you claim overtime payment? These are the types of questions we will clarify at the meeting.

If you would like to hear more about and discuss the working conditions at your school, please send an e-mail to our international contact person Rikke Friis ( Then we will follow up and organise a members meeting.

If you would rather want us to take a look at your working time, please send an e-mail to, and we will follow up. Please remember to state your name and the school you work at.

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