FSL finds one million

FSL Consultants found errors worth one million kroner when they checked salary slips in week 4

D 7. marts 2016

In average the result means that every one of the 506 FSL- members that sent their salary slips in, has DKK 2070 outstanding. But the errors were not equally distributed. Most of the salary slips were error-free, but the consultants found errors in 35%. The percentage of error, however, is higher than last years incredibly high number and this increase astounds the unions chairperson, Uffe Rostrup:

“I thought that schools would have strengthened this area but it is clear that they haven’t. Rather the error percentage increased. That is both embarrasing and unacceptable”, says Uffe Rostrup.

He has requested that the respective school unions help the schools to sort out their accounting issues.

“Employees have the right to receive a correct salary slip”, says Uffe Rostrup.

For the second year running the private- and realskolerne came out tops. They merely had an error percentage of 30. Efterskolernes error percent ended at 36 while the independent- and lilleskolerne had the highest at 37 percent.

It was typically the pension calculations that gave the schools problems but there were also many errors in the level 4 supplements and in the de-centralised salary supplement.