The outline of work assignments

You have the right to know – precisely and clearly – which assignments the administration expects you to handle within each area of assignments

There are no formal requirements to the outline of work assignments, but it has to document that members are working part time, have reductions in their work time due to seniority, or are working in a flex job, so they are able to see that their work load is matching these considerations.

In “The paper of work hours” known as “Arbejdstidspapiret” it says: 

  • The outline of work assignments must meet certain standards that are understandable, transparent and objective
  • The outline of work assignments is a tool for planning and can be adjusted and discussed regularly on the initiative of administration and the individual teacher
  • The work assignments have to be evenly distributed throughout the school year
  • The outline of work assignments is not to be considered a binding promise.

About dialogue between administration and teacher:

  • A qualified dialogue about the outline of work assignments has to take place before the beginning of the school year
  • A qualified dialogue has to include a discussion of the individual teacher’s work assignments, the size and quality of the work assignments and the administration’s overall assessment of the time spend on the assignments mentioned in the outline.

Advice on your dialogue about the outline of work assignments

Here are some tips and good advice you can use when you have to have the dialogue with your leader about the outline of work assignments for coming school year. You do not necessarily have to get through everything. Choose what is relevant for you. 

  • Read the outline of work assignments thoroughly and consider if you can see yourself doing the assignments mentioned in the outline: do you have the possibilities to do the assignments as the school sees fit? Do you have the competences to do the assignments? Does the work load match the working hours you have? Are the assignments distributed evenly throughout the school year?
  • Ask how the leader has come to this exact distribution of assignments.
  • Ask how much time the leader estimate that you spend on each assignment.
  • Is the outline of work assignments different from last school year? If yes, ask for explanation on the changes.
  • If there are more teaching assignments, make sure that time for preparation goes along with the teaching assignment. If not, ask why and how you are expected to address this assignment. Ask also if the leader has expectations to the amount of student assignments in each subject.
  • Get a clarification on what the leader is thinking about your and your colleagues’ opportunity for cross-curricular co-operation.  What about time for preparation together with other teachers?
  • Does the outline cover everything so it describes all the assignments and hour of the school year or is it expected that there will be other assignments added later on?
  • What about over time? Is that paid out or can you take time off in the next school year?
  • Check what is expected in the “different” weeks – amount and assignments.
  • Are there special assignments that you are responsible for and do you wish to discuss this any further – number of hours, placement, structure etc.?
  • Does the outline of work assignment contain “left-over time” where a long list of assignments is placed? If yes – ask for a walk-through of the estimated number of hours for the assignments and consider if it is realistic.
  • At primary schools: has the correct amount of inconvenience pay been registered and paid out to you this school year? If not – ask about this. Get a clarification to which extent you can place special assignments after 17.00
  • At boarding schools: is there a plan for planned supervision?
  • Is the leader keeping track on your performed work hours – also readjustments and extra numbers of hours? If not – mention this to your leader so you can adjust this in this school year and the following.
  • Have a discussion about what your leader thinks about your performed work hours during the school year. How you make sure that the expected number of hours is enough? And what do you do if it is not?
  • Ask how your leader wishes to be made aware if you in some situations have difficulties in managing your assignments.